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Promises made, promises kept.

Accomplishments for Veterans under the Trump Administration

  • Significantly improved veterans’ trust in VA
  • Near-record low veteran unemployment
  • Expanded access to care in VA medical facilities and the community
  • Gave veterans more choice and greater control over their healthcare
  • Invested historic amounts of funding in VA
  • Allowed veterans to use their GI Bill benefits whenever they choose
  • Made it faster and easier for veterans to appeal disability compensation claims
  • Established the first government-wide task force to prevent veteran suicide
  • Granted disability compensation benefits to Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans
  • Removed the decades-old “widow’s tax”
  • Reduced the number of homeless veterans and effectively ended veteran homelessness in 78 communities and 3 states
  • Began a decade-long process to modernize VA’s electronic health record system and create interoperability with DOD
  • Expanded stipend payments and support to caregivers of veterans of all eras
  • Established a dedicated White House Hotline for veterans
  • Transformed VA from one of the lowest ranking agencies for employee satisfaction into one of the top 6 Best Places to Work in the federal government
  • Hired thousands of new mental health professionals to treat veterans
  • Significantly increased the number of appointments at VA and the number of veterans enrolled in the VA healthcare system
  • Allowed veterans to seek care in urgent care clinics in their communities
  • Established a process to modernize and realign the VA healthcare system to better serve veterans where they live
  • Reduced the number of veterans who are dependent on opioids
  • Overturned an Obama Administration policy that did not allow National Guard troops stationed at the Southern Border to receive GI Bill benefits for their service
  • Increased outreach among veterans in the critical first year post-service period
  • Created a VA office to protect whistleblowers
  • Made it easier to hold poor-performing employees accountable
  • Improved the Transition Assistance Program for new veterans
  • Expanded the availability of telehealth to treat hard-to-reach veterans
  • Safeguarded federal student loan debt discharges for disabled veterans
  • Improved VA’s ability to recruit and retain staff VA medical facilities
  • Signed 42 veteran-specific bills into law

United States Military

  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Marines
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • National Guard
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